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Our company is a collection research and development of LED display products, design, sales and engineering services for the integration of technology companies, WoHang innovation of science and technology is located in wenzhou PuZhou street road no. 173.LED display products mainly include: family the monochrome display, indoor full color, outdoor table stick full color screen, lease, stage background color curtain screen, LED the hotel order card, line up your turn system such as the LED series products;WoHang science and technology have all consider for the customer, dedication, innovation, and forge ahead, and full of many years of experience in production, management, management practices of the management team.WoHang technology adhering to the "first person, after doing things" the enterprise idea, each link from the LED display screen, reliable quality, advanced technology, strict process, improve the design and construction, customer service system, to deliver customer perfect product!WoHang technology adhering to the:Product positioning: stable quality, moderate price, good service!"Company positioning: not biggest, but beg the most pure!Company philosophy: first person, after doing things!
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