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P10 outdoor full color display

The outdoor full color display screen:
Applicable scope: square, shopping malls, units, schools, banks, stations, office buildings, suburbs, outdoor and other complex weather outdoor video animation and text display.
1.high brightness, wide viewing angle
Using high brightness LED line lamp, the brightness is higher than 7000cd/M2, the wavelength range of 1.5 nm, the same batch of LED brightness ratio of 1:1.2140 degree wide viewing angle.
2.high refresh, high gray
Gao Shuaxin rate (3000HZ), high gray level (14bit) technology, support for 16 bit data processing, the picture is clear and smooth.
3.independent research and development design LED display control system, advanced technology, intelligent control
Point by point correction of brightness, color correction technology, to maintain the uniform consistency of the picture. Multimedia information publishing system software 10 video processing system for large screen splicing system
Automatic intelligent step by step power system, large screen brightness with the environment automatically change
4.box design scientific, strong compatibility
Outdoor LED display,. In product design, we have been adhering to the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection. The cabinet structure design standard, the same box size can be applied to different pixels display requirements, suitable for different installation environment, the installation and maintenance of the screen is more convenient. LED box is light, thin, stylish and generous.
5.class protection performance
The box body has good moisture resistance and corrosion resistance, so the product can be used in the air environment of high humidity and high salinity by the sea. IP65 protection class is used in front of the box body.
6。humanized management
Support for remote wireless and wired mode of centralized control management, a monitoring center can realize the control of multi block LED advertising screen.
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